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Pyramids Egypt


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pirámides de Giza en El Cairo, Egipto.

Abu Simbel: espectáculo de luz que se sucede dentro del propio templo debido a lo que premeditadamente calcularon los arquitectos egipcios. En los meses de febrero y octubre el sol avanza e ilumina progresivamente el interior del templo hasta que llega a la estancia que contiene las figuras que representan a Ramsés II, y a los dioses del sol Ra, y Amón, sin embargo deja en la penumbra la figura del dios de la oscuridad Ptah.

As the moon came over the Pyramid time seem to stand still. Something was coming.

Flåm fjord, Aurlandsvangen, Sogn og Fjordane Fylke, NO // "On a ferry trip to Flåm. The towering cliffs either side of the Norwegian fjords are an impressive site in any season" by Dave Appleby via Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Hatshepsut's Mortuary Temple at Deir-Al-Bahari

Pillars at the Temple of Khnum In Esna, Egypt (By Brian Ritchie).

Temple at Abu Simbal.....this must have been so beautiful when painted

Luxor, Egypt This world is really awesome. The woman who make our chocolate think you're awesome, too. Please consider ordering some Peruvian Chocolate today! Fast shipping!

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral | Tallinn, Estonia | | The trip you want. The help they need.

Twin Temples - built by Ramsses II in 1264 BC in the southern province of Nubia. Over the centuries they were completely covered by sand. They were rediscovered in 1813 by a boy named Abu Simbel, who led a British archeologist to them. All that was visible was the top of the temple, with a frieze of baboons worshipping the sun. 4 years later, the temples were finally entered. The temples were known from then on by the name of the Egyptian boy who found them.

Temple guardian before the larger than life Ramses (Simbel, Egypt) by Raphael Bick via Flickr

The Nile at Aswan, Egypt My husband took me here for my birthday. The Old Cattaract Hotel where Agatha Christie wrote "Death on the Nile". It is in one of my favorite spots in the world.