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Fudge is an #adoptable Dandi Dinmont #Terrier Dog in #SanDiego, CA. This 15-pound boy loves his walks and sniffing new and interesting things, but is easily brought back with a little tug on the leash. He gets along great with other dogs and enjoys playing in the yard with his fury friends. Fudge may have seen an unfriendly hand in the past as he is scared of sudden movements close to him or very stressful situations.

Nontoxic Pest Control in the Garden Scatter crushed eggshell around your plants and flowers to help deter plant-eating slugs, snails and cutworms without using eco-unfriendly pesticides. Also, deer hate the smell of eggs, so scattering eggshells around the flowerbed will help keep Bambi away from your begonias.

Seven secrets of Dutch oven cooking By Roger L. Beattie “Sadly, today's high-tech hustle-and-bustle lifestyle has all but forgotten the art of “leather-glove cuisine.” The coal-black cast iron ovens appear outdated, unfriendly, and forbidding. Interestingly however, with seven simple secrets revealed, the beginning camp cook and the consummate backyard chef can utilize these forgotten friends to produce a marvelous and unforgettable variety of succulent delicacies."

This was designed for a classroom, but I saw one pinner suggest that this be used for children when they behave in an unfriendly manner...interesting concept!