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Hay lugares donde el desayuno sabe mejor.

The Ultimate Madrid Travel Guide

Where to Eat in Madrid: Madrid is has a plethora of traditional, authentic Spanish cuisine. Here are some of the must try places to eat in Madrid!

Travel Tips for Spain

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There are plenty of great places to visit in Spain apart from Barcelona and Madrid! Here are three of the best smaller Spanish cities.

Spain, Murcia (autonomous region), Cartagena by the Mediterranean Sea. Ruins of the Roman amphitheatre & the Santa Maria La Vieja Cathedral.

Walking Tours in Rome, Italy

The eternal city of Rome has seen the rise and fall of many civilizations. Christian Saints, historic figures of the past and present have walked the Roman streets. Historic locations, great pieces of architecture and places of interest are practically on every corner. There are cities and there is Rome. And Rome has it all.

What to Eat in Spain - 15 Spanish Foods You Must Try