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is this real life? casey jumps on back of bus to attack her, now the gov.

Seattle ferry boats

urbanoutcasters: “ homesteadseattle: “ Ferry Passengers ” ah wow this makes me so nostalgic of when I took the ferry in Seattle to some little island things were so good back then. I felt free.



—̵ nothing wrong with feelin' happy even when the world is fallin'


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Sylvia on the subway

Jacob Robert Price

we are made of stardust

C N - 9

mirandabarnes: Morning light on the 3 train, January 2016


Misty bus tour ride in the jungle like Jurassic park or Jurassic world movie



do everything with so much love

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Abandoned metro cars

The subway was half empty. It was eerie, without the usual hustle and bustle of commuters. I had a very distinct feeling that I was being watched. Now that was the question.

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Pinterest: emilylovely

Look, I'm just thinking a few years in advance.  Is that okay?  I know this work deal is going to exhaust me eventually.  I can kill or be killed, but, when I look at him in their living room from over my objects code, his fingers curled over a material science textbook, I realize I'm going to want to settle down and cool off the adrenaline, and, when I do, I want him at my side.  He's not a killer like the first; he's not going to hurt me like the first.  I've just still got fire in my…

” I asked, and they all laughed and told me it was the sunset. We climbed on the roof and watched it from there. Smoking weed and drinking beer.