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How far would you go to provide for your child? Adam Shaw is dying, and knows he'll leave his disabled son with nothing. His solution? Rob a bank. It's no surprise that things go wrong. What is surprising is that when another customer is accidentally shot, no one in the bank is in a hurry to hand Adam over to the police.

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The remarkable seed of a plant from the Trichodesma genus, which includes forget-me-nots. U.K. artist Rob Kesseler is working with the Millennium Seed Bank to illustrate the remarkable, nearly invisible world of microscopic botany.

I can see him being really underestimated when he first shows up and laughed at because how could "The Knitter" with his cozy little hench-things be a terrifying villain. But then he gets a shot at robbing a bank or terrifying a few citizens and turns out to be the best villain (if that's even the right term to use there, idk) EVER! *cue evil laugh here* and like even the other villains would be terrified of him cause he's just that good (or bad). And I would totally be a huge fan of him.