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Bigbang by JEBUN3d

This project create in maya and use Arnold for render the created for AE template sell on Here is link file for AE template : Thank you very much.

Jump to 00:45 to see the Tool Breakdown. This is a tool I developed for the SKY Commercial - Solo Per Te (Crystals). My main focus was to create a tool that other artists could use pretty easily but also something that could adapt to different VFX shots quickly. I had to create it making it possible to use the particles to "materialize" an object from air, but also to constrain the particles on a surface to morph an object into another one. 3 different particle systems were used to ac...

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Abstract Particles - 3ds Max

Hello Friends, This is 3ds max project with beautiful particle effects. I use Pflow for dynamic particle motion.... & frost for meshing. Vray Render setup is also included... Love Wetrance

Origami Meets Projection Mapping. Bristol-based visual artist Joanie Lemercier has been experimenting with light projected onto 3D canvases. This lastest work created for a Birmingham gallery space was created using sheets of A4 paper folded into pyramids onto which he projected light resulting in an interesting organic effect.

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Dynamic Surface Emission

This another video about small scale sims using FLIP/PIC method for dynamic simulations. This time I have developed a dynamic surface emission system to reinforce tendril emission over any surface, no matter if its deformed or transformed; You can control the tendril emission reinforcement withing a time or frame range, number of particles, initial velocity, etc. In the preview when a particle's drop gains the enough volume, it activates the dynamic emission and soft trigger an influence…

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Jogurt Breakdown

Final video: This project was created for a pitch I did a while back. What was unique with this Jogurt is that it had twice as much proteins and had almost no fat. This was so unique and amazing that we created a story based on Greek philosophers who laid the fundementals for our western system and truly creating something wonderfull, out of respect we tried to do the same both with the jogurt and this commercial. Director: Miran Kevic

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Vasilis Pazionis ∆ VFX R&D Scrapbook 2016

Not really a showreel per se but more of a scrapbook of various VFX R&D, mostly flipbooks and some renders, that I collected while doing projects for The Mill, Saddington Baynes and my own personal development. All VFX created in Houdini, so plenty of DOPs, VOPs, POPs and SOPs. Renders were done in Mantra and a few in Arnold. Thanks for watching.

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Houdini Strands with Thea Render

Trying out Houdini Trail and Polywire SOP. Rendered with Thea. Sorry about the bad compression.