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Brown Sugar Scrub--Add 1 cup brown sugar, 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil, 2 tablespoon honey in a cute jar.

Make Your Own Brown Sugar Scrub

Brown sugar body polish 1 cup brown sugar, 2 T honey, cup extra virgin olive oil, In a cute jar!

Step 1-Test skin care and makeup.  Make and test a homemade product. Find a skin-care or makeup recipe online – perhaps a cranberry-flavored lip balm or an oatmeal facial scrub – and make it at home.  Ask your friends to rate your product, but don’t let them know it’s homemade. If possible, have them compare your product in a blind test against a store-bought brand. Record the results.

Homemade Coconut Oatmeal Scrub

This is hands down my favorite homemade scrub. Just 3 ingredients. It's quick, easy and smells great!

Brown Sugar and Honey Body Scrub

Cheap and easy. It's time to slough off winter with this Brown Sugar & Honey Body Scrub. It smells delicious and would be easy to whip up as a gift for Mom.

Homemade foot scrub:  1/2 cup organic sugar (or regular white)  3 T olive oil  2 T honey.  You'll also need:  Clean container with lid and clean stirring utensil.  1. Measure out olive oil and honey into clean container.  I suggest measuring the olive oil first since it helps to keep the honey from sticking to the spoon. 2. Add sugar. 3. Stir.

Full container recipe: cup sugar , 3 T olive oil, 2 T honey. Mix olive oil, honey, and sugar. Massage into feet or your hands and rinse.

Peppermint Salt Soak    You'll need:  • Glass or metal bowl   • 20 drops peppermint essential oil   • 3 tablespoons carrier oil (I used sweet almond oil or jojoba)   • Metal spoon   • 1/2 cup Epsom salt   • 1/2 cup sea salt   • 8 oz jar, tub or tin with lid   • food coloring (optional)                     Back to Easy to Make Christmas Gifts Contest Entries  Back to Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Peppermint Salt soak: I made these great jars of peppermint bath salt for Christmas gifts last year and they were a big hit. Here is how I made them: Peppermint Salt Soak

Homemade Coconut Oil and Salt Scrub. Coconut oil has been used as part of a beauty regime for many centuries and can be found in many products.

1 cup sugar and cup coconut oil. Coconut Sugar Scrub: Only TWO Ingrediants, Great For A Holiday Gift Idea!/ reminds me of secret of the island scrubs from Florida makes ur hands an skin unbelievably soft it's freaky how soft they get

How to Make an Extraordinary Coconut Oil Skin Polish for you and your family.

Camp Wander: Coconut Oil Skin Polish + Essential Oil Blends a very fine and gentle cleanser AND skin polish in one special product 2 cups organic extra virgin coconut oil cup avocado oil (olive is nice too) cup cornmeal Soften coconut oil, whip

DIY Tip of the Week: Make Your Own Conditioners - 1 for daily use and 1 for deep conditioning

DIY Tip of the Week: Make Your Own Conditioners

Best Beauty Tip: How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster “Coconut milk helps the hair grow long and thick,” says Indian ayurvedic skincare expert Pratima Raichur. (The kind from a can is fine.) “Rub it onto the scalp, leave it on for an hour or so, then wash it

Do your skin a favor... Go out and buy a mason jar. Add coarse sea salt, olive oil, almond oil, and if you can find it - jojoba oil. Use daily. Love your skin again. I add the olive oil and jojoba oil first to the salt and then add as much almond oil as I need to make it smell great. When you get out of the shower, your skin will be smooth, silky and you shouldn't need lotion. In the summer, you can add a little coconut oil for a tropical smell! ~

Homemade body scrub: in a mason jar, add coarse sea salt, olive oil, almond oil, & jojoba oil. Tip: add the olive oil & jojoba oil first to the salt & then add as much almond oil as needed to make it smell great :)

DIY Gift - Sugar Scrubs, these would make great gifts!

DIY Gift - Sugar Scrubs, these would make great gifts! Julie, I love sugar scrubs and they are easy to do.