Probably the cutest thing I've ever seen


black lab pup

Black Lab puppy:) I want another one

Chocolate Lab. I need one of every color (; black....check...silver is next then brown

Cute puppies

Yellow Lab puppy

Black Lab. Looks exactly like my puppy lily when she was a puppy !!!

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Black lab <3

Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Apparently black dogs are racist!!! An Arlington, TX kill shelter has been forced by picketers to stop the "Rolling Black Out" sale which helps get black dogs and cats adopted out (which are the most difficult) because they consider it racist! The animals will be the ones that suffer!!

Black Lab

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Looks like baby RockO!

Little Black Lab

Mom and Daughter. Black Lab Service Dogs :) // eeeeekkkkkk she looks just like Georgie!!

All we want for Christmas...

black lab love