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Sunvary Short Sleeves Bridesmaid Dress Evening Pageant Dress Short - US Size 2- Royal Blue Sunvary

Therma Style Nike Fleece Hoodie

I would wear this look everyday if I could. I have a weakness for chucks!

simple wedding dress

This picture has haunted me for about a year now. But seeing these step my step pics makes it less scary! Yay!


how to wake up with pretty curls (even if you have straight hair)

Thick Summer Braid Hair Tutorial

love this! get a flannel and some new shorts! maybe a white graphic tee also

Chiffon Bow Top in Gray and Royally Pleated Skirt (Burgundy)

Need this outfit. Wait... Just need the t-shirt.

long curls

"Denim and Lace Style Steal" by jamie-burditt on Polyvore Yes, yes, yes, yesssss just needs to be a little longer

curl hair in mermaid waves, make two large messy/loose braids to connect around at the back of head. Now take the left side of your hair hanging beneath the braid and pull it over and then under to the right of the leftside braid. Viola! Now your hair sits prettily to the right, mermaid loose wonderfulness! You can do on left side if you like your hair to sit there more than the right side. (:

How To: Pull Through Braid

Braided hairstyle looks charming and luscious. If you want to add some special factors to your hair, you can try out the braided hairstyle. In this article, we will list you some impressive braided hairstyle. Rope Braid This charming braided hairstyle works greatly on long curly or straight hair. The rope braid is drawn across[Read the Rest]

I doubt you will get hair like the above pic, but I love the above pic and if I were to ever perm my hair this is what I would do it like.

White fitted top, navy knee-length full skirt, brown leather belt & bag, matching tan flats, tan sunglasses

Leather jacket

Anica Dress by JUNIEblake Pre-Order

I need this in my life

What? No way!

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