I miss the ground under my feet.


I love love. And I don't hate that I do.

Why reunions are so special. Why saying goodbye is so hard. Because its the start of missing someone.


Why do we miss a person? It's either because we realize that we never treasured the moments when they were always there and it left us wishing we could turn back time again. Or we were too happy with them, we enjoyed every single moment, that we got so used to the idea of having them around.....even tho I hate you more then anything in my life....I still hope for the best for u even tho u were a cheating shady whore!!!!!! I guess I'm just better than u!!!!!

Listen to the Warm by Rod McKuen

When tomorrow starts without me. I found this poem clipping in my Mother's bible after she died.

Probably the most beautiful thing I've read in a very long time

Deployment, long distance relationship

Love this poem.

Holy cow, this is honestly one of the most amazing poems I've ever read in my entire life. So beautiful ❤ poem️



I'm not going to tell you I miss you. I'm not going to make myself look weak. And I hope you're doing the same, and that's why you don't speak to me. I don't ever think I appear weak telling someone how I feel. What's weak is needing or expecting a response. Say things because you want someone to know how you feel not for confirmation of how they feel. Just sayin'.

That was when I understood.

Beautiful poem. and so true too. we have to be happy by ourselves before we can be happy with someone else.

It's what i've always wanted, this whole time...I miss you, You're still my whole world... Even though you hurt me time and time again. I still want you, I'd take you back in a second...I hope you read this babe, I love you, Always will.

I love this..... It's great