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Cinderella. Sigh. This is exactly what my dad's cousin is collecting...and exactly what I can't find for him. cc: Jenn L Abella and Julie Forrest

A fanart poster of Disney's "Cinderella", from

Walt Disney's Cinderella! This is what she is SUPPOSED to look like! The fact that they've change her for the "new generations" means they have no respect for the original art and the artist that created one of the world's most beloved characters. She was loved throughout all these years as she was and always will be!!

my favorite part about disney world. the cinderella fountain ♥ i have a picture of me by this fountain from every time ive been to disney world ♥

Cinderella fountain, fairy godmother and fairy by CodyWDWfan

The first thing I am going to do when I go to Disneyland is meet my favorite Princess Cinderella. ♥

This was always my favorite scene of any disney movie

Actually the glass slipper only fits Cinderella because she has an extremely small foot and I'm pretty sure she could be in France and not Disney and the shoe would still fit

Disney Princess Designer Collection Cinderella Concept Art | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Steve Thompson's Cinderella Pink by Disneysexual, via Flickr