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This ice cream is made exclusively of bananas that have been sliced, frozen and blended. THAT'S IT!

I really made this and it was great! Since I can't have diary it was very much like ice cream..I added chic. Syrup to it when I served it!

This is what baby bananas look like. Bananas trees are every where. We have had some in our back yard. They are kind of like corn, in that they grow on a large type of pulpy stalk and need to be cut down every year, Unlike corn, a new tree can grow from the old root that is still under ground.

Bananas are yummy! Plus, unlike other fruits, like apples, grapes or berries, that must be washed before eating, they come in their own convenient package!

REAL FOOD: breakfast bananas: Bananas (Or try this idea with strawberries, pineapple, etc.) ■yogurt of choice (Wholesoy, Almond Dream, Silk, etc.) ■granola of choice, or crushed cookies, or even S’mores Graham Crackers ■add-on ideas: mini chocolate chips, coconut shreds, cinnamon sugar, raisins, etc. ■popsicle sticks or silverware to insert in the bananas

Banana Cookies ~ these are delicious!!! I substituted applesauce for the shortening to make them a bit healthier...SO GOOD!!!

Southern Banana Pudding Pie: the vanilla wafer crust makes this pie extra special!