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I love my sons :)

Next time the screaming and crying drive you to wonder if you will ever survive, remember these words.

For my big brother & a special hero of all heroes in my heart and mind, Aaron. We're long all grown up, but I will never forget what kind of big brother you were to me and the friend continue to be to me. Thank you for all you did to instill an inner voice in your little sister that would always lift her up and make her feel loved---me. <3 You were and are forever adored.

mommy's girl

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I love my daughters! family


Daughters ...

So True!

My Daughter

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I love this and so very true. I have to send this to my sister, who is the mother of four amazing daughters!

Lucky to have had a daddy like this and now a husband who is all of those things to our little girl


I didn't grow up with my dad but I still love him with all my heart and have a good relationship with him now. I'd glad and would say I'm a daddy's girl. I'm soo glad to have him as my dad -The bond between fathers and daughters is indescribable!



Wisdom for my Daughter