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    Goguma Juk, (sweet potato porridge)

    죽: Juk - Porridge

    Earl Grey Porridge


    Korean potato pancakes (Gamjajeon: 감자전)

    Ummmm, YUM!! Ginger Honey Okayu (Japanese Rice Porridge)

    rice porridge

    Korean braised potatoes - love these at the Korean resto, totally gotta make them myself!

    Making potoato flakes (dehydrated mashed potatoes) for food storage - look further down the page

    Many good Korean recipes on this site!

    Korean Fried Chicken - Super easy and simple 3 ingredient sweet and sticky chicken wings - the only chicken wing recipe you’ll ever need!

    #Recipe: Korean Pumpkin Porridge with Rice Dumplings (Hobakjuk)

    30 MINUTE Korean Stir Fry with a lip-licking sauce! You will be amazed at the flavors coming out of your kitchen in just 30 minutes - guaranteed to be a new household staple! | Carlsbad Cravings

    Asian Foods Summer Seasons Korean Spicy Chicken and Potatoes via RD to be @Min #eatcleanpinparty

    Korean Short Ribs - Traditional Korean short ribs are marinated in a sweet soy sauce and grilled to perfection.

    Korean Sweet Rice Punch (식혜 Shikhye/Sikhye)

    Bulgogi Burger. Bulgogi was my favorite in Korea!

    How to make Korean Style Egg Bread

    Jeonbokjuk is Abalone rice porridge. This always reminds me of my mom, because she use to make this for me when I was not feeling well. My mom never used carrots or green onion, but use it if you like it! I would try to get fresh abalone. Also, if you can get it cleaned buy it that way. Otherwise, give yourself plenty of time to clean the abalone. This is very important.