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Heart disease and depression often go hand in hand. Long-term studies have found that people with depression have a significantly higher risk of subsequent heart disease, and vice versa. Recent research has revealed that the link begins at an early age and is probably caused by chronic inflammation

.with a cigarette in your mouth ,you might as well put a loaded gun to your head! skh

DOROTHY PARKER, 73 Died: June 7, 1967 (New York, New York) Cause of death: natural causes, despite several unsuccessful suicide attempts, the first in January 1923, at age 23, by slitting her wrists

One World Order vs Natural Born Citizen|2.23.16|"The American people simply MUST wise up fast & reject any candidate who seeks the Oval Office via a fraudulent claim of eligibility. In 2008 & 2012, that candidate was BHO. Today, the 2 frauds in the race for the WH are 2 freshman Sens, Ted Cruz of TX & Marco Rubio of FL. They MUST be removed from the race & held fully accountable for their actions… or there is no Rule of Constitutional Law & no way to protect the sovereignty & security of the…

Jihadism Will Get Worse - - Radical jihadism is not going away anytime soon. It is only going to get worse, writes Peggy Noonan in the WSJ. The jihadists’ weapons and means will get worse. Right now it’s guns and suicide vests. In the nature of things their future weapons will be more sophisticated and deadly.” The usual gl...