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Scientists discover new magnetic phase in iron-based superconductors

ORNL scientists uncover clues to role of magnetism in iron-based superconductors

A phase diagram for heavy-electron superconductors

'Dressing' in superconductors

Titania-based material holds promise as new insulator for superconductors

Unusual electronic state found in new class of unconventional superconductors /// "Intra-unit-cell nematic charge order in the titanium-oxypnictide family of superconductors" /// DOI: 10.1038/ncomm6761

Researchers find new phase of carbon, make diamond at room temperature

Puzzling new behaviour observed in high-temperature superconductors / Asymmetry of collective excitations in electron- and hole-doped cuprate superconductors; RIXS; Cu L3-edge

Feynman Diagrams, students, professors.

“Two-stage magnetic-field-tuned superconductor-insulator transition in underdoped La2-xSrxCuO4.” Nature Physics, Published Online (4 May 2014); doi:10.1038/nphys2961

Spinels, new magnetic and structural phases. Crystal structure and magnetism – new insight into the fundamentals of solid state physics

Mysterious 'Magic Island' appears on Saturn's moon Titan

Generating a CFD visualization that can cover the entire area of even the standard tube-and-wing aircraft is a challenge

Astronomers find a new type of planet: The 'mega-Earth'

First measurement of molybdenum disulfide's thermal conductivity

Breakthrough in energy storage: Electrical cables that can store energy

Inventor Jake Dyson has LED light with cooling solution

DNA, whose structure was discovered by Watson and Crick.

This detail description of the phases of mitosis for the students to see from the beginning to the end.

First direct evidence that a mysterious phase of matter competes with high-temperature superconductivity

You are literally the stuff of stars...