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The Pill After a drunken one-night stand, uptight Fred spends the day with offbeat Mindy to ensure she takes both doses of the morning-after pill -- and finds himself pulled into a whirl of wacky and awkward adventures in this delightful comedy.

A wry look at the insanity of married life, this offbeat comedy follows the ups and downs of a whirlwind romance between the brilliant yet neurotic Ira Black and the free-spirited but flaky Abby Willoughby.

Based on a true story, this outlandish comedy stars John Malkovich as Alan Conway, a second-rate con man who successfully passed himself off as legendary director Stanley Kubrick in the late 1990s. Kubrick, a known recluse, was a perfect target for Conway, who used his persona to find fame and fortune. Directed by Brian W. Cook, this verité-style indie satirizes the allure of celebrity in the modern age.

35 and Ticking All-too-aware that they'll be turning 35 soon, four friends struggle to reconcile reality with the hopes and dreams they have about starting families and finding happiness with someone they really love in this comedy directed by radio DJ Russ Parr.

n this cautionary comedy, an impoverished young couple finds the answer to their money woes in the form of a magical brass teapot that ~10/13/13

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Beneficial Friends

Friends with Benefits: "It's not who you wanna spend Friday night with, it's who you wanna spend all day Saturday with."

In this romantic comedy, newlyweds Nat and Josh find their marriage beginning to fall apart almost immediately after their fairy tale weddin... ~1/27/14

Kevin Hart: I'm a Grown Little Man Stand-up comedy star Kevin Hart delivers his unique perspective on work, race, family and friends with this laugh-riot comedy show, using his personal life as a departure point to shine a light on universal experiences.

Home Alone 3 The third installment in this popular comedy series finds young Alex Pruitt (Alex D. Linz) home alone with the chicken pox and a toy car that contains a stolen computer microchip, which some bumbling spies are desperate to get back.

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Overboard (1987)

Overboard (1987) A cruel but beautiful heiress screws over a hired carpenter, who later is the first one to find her when she gets amnesia. Looking for a little revenge he convinces her that she's his wife...9

In this black comedy inspired by a true story, affable Texas mortician Bernie befriends the small town's wealthiest widow and then kills her. But despite the suspicious nature of her death, no one wants to think anything but the best of Bernie.

Jim Jarmusch's quirky ensemble comedy is presented as a series of vignettes that all revolve around discussions held over coffee and cigarettes.

The 7 Romantic Comedy Movie Poster Clichés | Features | Empire Using movie poster poses

Crazy, Stupid, Love. - Funny, entertaining, great cast, and really good romantic comedy this year. And i mean really good with some twist in the story. there's not much good movie with this genre in 2012, so for me no. 1 romantic comedy movie in 2012? This movie. 4/5.

My BIG FAT GREEK Wedding - Watched this so many times and it makes me laugh every time :D

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Green Card (1990)

294 Days-Romantic Films:Till Valentines:...GREEN CARD...was released with a great deal of optimism, reviews weren't very kind & those were the good ones. LOVE STORY AD IMMIGRATION PROBLEMS Written/Directed by Peter Weir expectations were high. This was Gerard Depardieu's first major Romantic Hollywood role. There's Sparkling chemistry w/ Andie MacDowell but writing has structure flaws. Cute but not as cuddly as could'a been. QT:" We don't have to like each other. We just have to get…

He's Mine Not Yours Convinced that "all men cheat," Brooke hires a reputational temptress to confirm her suspicion that her boyfriend is incapable of fidelity. But, when the seductress falls for him, the ultimate test of loyalty becomes a fight to win his affection.