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Watch HP and a workout!

this will give me an excuse to do a Harry Potter Movie Marathon. Harry Potter hahahahahahah how funny

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a Friends Workout.  as much as I watch this show..... this should be quite effective!

Friends Workout: reruns all the time means sore abs! I watch this enough I should be in shape soon

Another Harry Potter Workout. This one looks a bit ridiculous. I just might have to try it!

movie 2 Harry Potter Workout specifically for The Chamber Of Secrets. Also adding 15 bicycles for every mention of the chamber of secrets and 10 crunches for everytime Myrtle flirts with Harry

TV Show workouts - Google Search

how I met your mother workout. Since I'm rewatching the "how I met your mother" series entirely on Netflix.

Movie and TV workouts. This is one of the few shows on here that I actually watch.

Watch TV and burn those calories folks (22 photos)

Big Bang Theory Workout my new work out. If I can just watch Big Bang on tv again :'(

The walking dead workout

Walking Dead Work-out. I love the walking dead great way to enjoy a show and work out!

Movie workouts - the Big Bang theory

20 Fandom-Based Workouts To Get You Up And Moving

Big Bang Theory Workout-this is a good way to watch tv and still get a workout done. and good thing it's one of my favorite shows!