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How to Build a Methane Digester - YouTube

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methane digester

Chinese methane digesters

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How to Build a Simple and Affordable Methane Digester | Ready Nutrition

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How to Build a Simple and Affordable Methane Digester

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easy Rope Swing DIY

Bottle cap candles - burn 1 to 1.5 hours

#3. "Methane Digester". Marshall, CA. The single largest source of pollution in the State of California is methane from cows. At Albert Straus’s family dairy a methane digester traps methane before it can enter the atmosphere, breaking it down into solids and liquid fuel that can be used to provide enough electrical power to run the entire dairy operation. Information artwork by Douglas Gayeton. From the Lexicon of Sustainability project.

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An OK starting point for looking into methane digesters.

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Biogas Digester - Digester 01

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The MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors investigate the process of methane production and uses for methane biogas with their own homemade digester.