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Words to live by.

I love this...all girls have to learn & remember can be absolutely drop dead gorgeous (and you are) all of you, in your own way....but it doesn't mean everyone will want you or even like you....and that's okay....stay around the people that do.

Oh so true about those that claim to be a friend and when the time comes they are not there especially when you need them the most! Should always check in with those you love and make sure they are ok!

You never know what God has in store, and you can make all the plans you want to. But at the end of the day, whatever's going to happen is going to happen. -Carrie Underwood #quotes

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Inspirational Quotes for Girl Bosses (part 2

Are you a girl boss in need of some inspiration? Take a look at this round-up of Inspirational Quotes for the Girl Bosses, part 2! Girl Boss Quotes#girlboss

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15 Tips To Keep Your Marriage Alive

This is me. Always want others to be happy, even when I'm hurting inside. Much easier to make others smile, sometimes.

I can count on my two hands how many close friends i have that I would trust with anything. It's not how many, it's who. I love my true friends with all of my heart, even though it has taken me way too long to realize who they are.

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17 Quotes That Prove There's No Love Without Commitment

Love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person. To love somebody isn't just a strong feeling. It is a decision, a judgement, and a promise. <3