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Deadly desert: working in 60C heat – in pictures

Deadly desert: working in 60C heat – in pictures-Dromedaries and donkeys are used to transport the salt

Climbing high: readers' photos of trees - in pictures

We asked you to share your photos of trees around the world as part of GuardianWitness’ bi-weekly readers’ assignment. Here is a selection of our favourites | Petra, Jordan | The caves in the background were originally tombs. After that they were homes for the bedouins untill the 1980's. Since that time it has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is regarded by many as the 8th wonder of the world. | "Leave me behind, I can't make it", Muslim Quarter - Jerusalem | can you see yourself in this picture - just recall the time when you were young or the daily biz as a parent :-)

The beautiful colors and life of Varanasi, India as photographed by Ramnath Siva-Destination: the World

Ethiopia. Konso house

Outer Banks, NC | Fields in Furano, Hokkaido (Japan) [EXPLORE] | <i>This photo was "Explored" in Sep 14, 2012 #432</i> ______________________________________ Lavender field in Tomita-san's farm. This has been my first time in Hokkaido island and it has been a surprise since the very first moment in Chitose airport. I went to Sapporo from Hiroshima (Honshu island), where the heat was terrific. Hokkaido has siberian climatic conditions so you can confortably stay in ...