Extreme tenting and rock climbing. These pictures always make my hands sweat...

My favorite part of camping is waking up and peeking outside into the morning light :)

Nada Lake by photosbysomeguy, via Flickr. want to get there. now. moodboard

GLAMPING VENUE STYLE: Canoes, hammocks and beer. All you need.

"Bringing 9 lbs. of camera gear on a backpacking trip is stupid." they said... whoever took this the 9lbs was worth it

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RL lakeside camp...I can feel this crisp air and smell the campfire just looking at this gorgeous photo!

Climbing big walls in Alaska.

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Gorgeous. Fog. Mist. Mood. Mountain. Earth.

my palms are sweating just looking at this!

Conscious health exercise: A walk in nature can be spiritually blissful. It is also good for your body. And it clears the mind as it relieves stress.

An old German powerplant made into a climbing wall. Clever. Random Pictures Of The Day - 37 Pics


Extreme by David Clifford

extreme sight seeing...makes you wonder

Amazing Clouds

Solar powered tents

Amazing bubble photos


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