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More cool space in school stuff.  In the 1960s in California they would not only have space stuff in science textbooks, they would...

Dreams of Space - Books and Ephemera: Looking Into Science-The booklets cover

NASA, it's good business to explore space!

NASA advertisement illustrated by Charlie Allen. Image cropped from the full-page ad by leifpeng.

Dreams of Space A design and space science grand slam, behold these 1965 Looking Into Science textbook supplements. Originating in Californi...

Dreams of Space - Books and Ephemera: Looking Into Science - Earth Satellites (The booklets,

Sputnik 2

Strike a match, light a rocket, and travel into the Golden Age of the Soviet space program with these vintage matchbox labels. It’s important to remember that the USSR was first to most early milestones in space, and they celebrated their.

GeomasBy Josip Kelava #design #type #poster #graphic #space #astronaut #lines #arrows

Geomas Font A futurisitc type design by Josip Kelava. “ “Ever listened to a piece of music and got inspired? Well this was the case for the creation of Geomas. I was never really a fan, but lately I.

Marius Roosendaal

Make Something Cool Every Day

Stylesight’s Graphics Team was mesmerized by the work of Marius Roosendaal. His eye-catching posters comprise of bold geometric shapes and typography in simple, graphic


Stargazer 2013 Weekly Calendar

Artistic director Mark Weaver has produced an incredible amount of illustrations, between collage and installation. Discover Weaver’s very personal retro illustrations after the break.