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Damn Deliciousfrom Damn Delicious

Strawberry Pineapple Mimosas

Strawberry Pineapple Mimosas - The easiest, quickest, and best 4-ingredient mimosa ever. And all you need is just 5 min to whip this up!

Redbookfrom Redbook

21 Fun, Refreshing "Poptails"

Blackberry Prosecco Popsicles

MyThirtySpotfrom MyThirtySpot

Strawberry Peach Vodka Popsicles

Strawberry Peach Vodka Collins Popsicles Makes 12 2.5 oz Popsicles 6 oz pureed strawberry (about 10 strawberries) 2 oz peach syrup (recipe follows) 12 oz tonic water 2 oz plus 3 oz vodka (divided use) Instructions: 1. Stir strawberry puree with 2 oz. of vodka. Place three teaspoons of strawberry mixture in the bottom of popsicle form; set aside. (As mentioned in last week’s cocktail popsicle, I used cordial glasses, but any form will work.) 2. Stir peach syrup with tonic…

1. Fill bowl w/ gummy bears 2. Add vodka 3. Place in fridge for 1 hour 4. Gummy bears will absorb alcohol 5. Eat gummy bears 6. Get drunk!


Nutella Fudgesicles

Nutella Pops

Southern Livingfrom Southern Living

Cool, Refreshing Summer Drinks

Strawberry Margarita Spritzers

The Naptime Cheffrom The Naptime Chef

Strawberry Vodka Lime Coolers

Strawberry Vodka Lime Coolers & Fourth of July Drinks

SellfishCatfrom SellfishCat


Pop Rock Kamikaze Shots: Dip the rims of your shot glasses in vanilla frosting and spin to coat. Then do the same in the pop rocks. Pour one part Vodka, one part Triple Sec, and one part lime juice into each shot glass and serve.