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This easily just leaped to the top of my all-time fav list -- this book is SO SO SO good! Since I personally come from a family with a major history with cancer I found this so touching -- though the romance and light humor sealed the deal =) A must-read!

This list is a far from complete list of some of my favorites - they are warriors, scholars, mothers, daughters; they can be wildly in love and impressively practical; they are a little too perfect and incredibly flawed. Most of them have happy endings, some of them don't. In an nutshell - these are girls who act like girls should and must.


Literary Look Ahead: 13 Great Books On The Horizon

Gone Girl - much buzzed about suspense novel concerning a woman who disappears from her Missouri home. REVIEW: This book is CRAZY. Literally insane but awesome. Good book club fodder.

Beautiful Ruins: A Novel: Jess Walter: 9780061928123: Books Loved this book! Fiction, but set in Italy during the 60's and the plot revolves around the filming of of the movie 'Cleopatra ' (Liz Taylor, Richard Burton).

The Fault in Our Stars, or TFiOS, by John Green (of vlogbrothers/nerdfighter fame). Amazing, touching, hilarious, brilliant. Will definitely make you cry, but also laugh.

Gone Girl: A Novel Released just a few days ago, this murder mystery centers on a trouble marriage in the wake of the wife’s disappearance on the couple’s fifth anniversary. It’s been described as taut, creepy, and “unputdownable,” which makes it a great, quick, engrossing read for the summer months.