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Sałatka z kalafiorem/ Salad with cauliflower,

7 Layer Salad, plus tomatoes and avocado made with spinach instead of iceberg. So I guess it is a 9 layer salad.

Sałatka z indykiem/ Salad with turkey,

Potato Salad: Broccoli, almonds, cheese, and mint Smoked salmon, egg, and dill Avocado, egg, and French mustard Bacon, sun dried tomatoes, cheese, and basil

Melon salad with Parma ham on spinach with pine nuts and balsamic dressing - recipe

sałatka z ryżem, szynką i ananasem

Sałatka z winogronami/ Salad with grapes,

Sałatka z serem i kalafiorem/ Cauliflower and cheese salad,