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as far as anyone knows, we are a nice, normal family - SO going into my house!

i try to remind myself of this every time i'm feeling frustrated about spending my time off cleaning...this is good.

'Thank Heaven for dirty dishes' Love this. Maybe this isn't so weird, I hate to go to bed with dirty dishes in my sink. Have to wash them. Can't stand a sink full of dirty dishes.

This home runs on Love Laughter and Lots of Sonic Drinks

craft room ideas

Sweet Blessings: SONIC Huge collection of different colors and sayings for the home. So fun!

yup...i'm pretty sure that I do...on a regular basis! poor guy!

I wonder sometimes, if we ever give God a headache! I bet so!

Smile.. It will either warm their heart of piss them off. Either way you win!

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I remember Kurt Cobain's book was called, "If You Read You Will Judge".  For some reason that's relevant to this.

Don't judge my path if you haven't walked my journey. ~ good words for people to remember before they judge others.

I used 2 do that to my DNA sharing "sister" when we were kids..apparently I didn't do it enough !

Tonight my husband and I went to Newks. I look over at him and a mosquito is sucking his left cheek. I tenderly with love slap his face. I say mosquito because it really was! I so thought of this quote!

Even if they are all bat shit crazy!! Lol

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