Liefde voor wiskunde

This maths teacher who is pretty damn pleased with his festive problem solving.

Can you skip class today? Flow chart.

Ok why I thought this was so funny I have no clue.....I just love how worked up Rabbit gets. He's a riot. Always yellin at Pooh and Piglet. Funny stuff.

This is going in someone's birthday card!

Math Tip

love math


If your teacher won't let you bring a formula cheat sheet to class, just wear these socks. She'll never suspect. These crew length socks with chalk formulas fit a men's shoe size 8-12.5. Available in chalkboard green or black.

Nerd humor is the best.


bahahaha yay for math jokes



More Math Humor

Hate it when I'm the cat

That doesn't spell... oh, right, clever potassium!

Find X mug - math problem funny white ceramic coffee or tea mug While most of the coffee or tea mugs in our store are designed with the

I love it when this happens because I don't have to do anything but sit there and pretend I care.