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About the only kind of small dog I actually adore - probably because they have a slightly cat-like appearance?

This Westie looks EXACTLY like Stewie. I know they are supposed to look the same, but trust me you can tell differences. This is his doppelganger.

westie warrior on watch - nothing breaks their concentration, nothing! Everytime I see one of these makes me want to cry makes me think of Muffin

Leticia Bek Wagner this is my photo challenge for you if you can do this of my Arnie....

My husband's grandmother had one of these creatures. I know they love to chew. In fact, hers chewed her cell phone. Can you hear me now?

come on little build the leaf pile and I will jump in to it

This looks like my dog, Bonnie. But she would NEVER sit in a basket - because she's really a human in a small furry body.

Awww, little sweeties! The baby Scottie looks like my Roxy when I brought her home 5 years ago!

Or I'll get a Westie. A loved mine when I was younger.