Nenufar Girl by Ariana Perez

Laura by Megan Lara

Fail Art Print

HUSH. #hush

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Not sure who this artist is, but I've seen their work a lot recently and I like it!


Dream Big by Dan Elijah G. Fajardo #society6. Love the whimsy of this print and the colors. :3 #casasugar


Rise of the Geisha on this is what ive been looking for 4 my sleeve


war girl by Ariana Perez

Geisha Mermaid

Mathiole. #illustration #ilustracion

When i was little our city would have a lot of hot air ballons fly on the same day. Being little this was such an amazing thing. We thought if we waved to them they were waving back.



Brunette Elf Girl Sitting With Dragonflies by TheExtentofSilence, $18.00

Part of Educa's Panorama collection, this puzzle is 2000 pieces and measures 53.5 tall and 18.75 wide. Artist: Chris Ortega. Released 2012.Cris Ortega is starting out on a highly promising career. She began with comics and illustrations for diverse magazines, fantasies and book. Her first publication Forgotten enchants with its profound beauty and atmospheric depth. She has special love for the horror and gothic genre, and has had an influence in the fantasy art realm.

Geisha Day of the Dead Art by David Lozeau

Renee Nault