teacher thank u idea

Crayon Wreath Cute for a teacher my daddys neighbor unless I like Chloes teacher then maybe her too lol

back to school - so cute...I'd skip the bow - a little "cute" for me but something else would probably work instead. What?

East Coast Mommy: First Day of School Class Treats/Gifts

This pin is a Crayon Clock. I would have my students help make this clock in the first week of school and continue to use it for the rest of the year.This is acivity is good because it allows students to review telling time but also create a clock that they can take home at the end of the year.

diy Teachers Gift ~ Teacher Monogram Wreath. love this. wish I had a teacher I needed a gift for.

Next time I have to donate a basket for a raffle, I'm doing this!!

teacher sign. So cute from an upcycled fence picket. I want to make one for my teacher friends! And keep it in mind when my son starts school!

such a cute idea for a teachers gift!

Spring Wreath

crayon monogram - great teacher gift!

Teacher gifts

What, you guys don’t think that I made this? Okay fine, I’ll admit it… if I wasn’t homeschooling, our teacher appreciation gifts would probably be in the form of a Starbucks gift card inside of a travel mug. I’m not naturally crafty at all, but last year while I was on Facebook I saw this beautiful …


A PERFECT Teacher Appreciation Gift! Love the poem.

end of the year gifts | End of the School Year: Teacher Gift Ideas — A Nation of Moms

Crayon Frame


Winter Wonderland

Teacher gifts Teacher gifts Teacher gifts