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Autumn's Paint Brush-LadyLuxury

The red Fall trees surround and reflect in the beautiful pond. The accent of the white pampas grass plumes make this photo breathtaking.

the different colours of the flowers and trees with the sunlight are good for showing sight. touch could be represented by close up photos of leaves, petals or bark to show the texture.

When dry the fresh smell was like Forest Flowers. Really brought back thoughts of walking in the summer through the woods and forests in the local area with the wild flowers

Buried Pearls - Modern Poetry

Buried Pearls - Modern Poetry

"Just like seasons, people change" that phrase is so true. I remember one time one of the sweetest girls at school got turned into one of the meanest, snooty girls ever. But sometimes the changes are good!

論理計 — lori-rocks: starry night, via pinterest

論理計 — lori-rocks: starry night, via pinterest

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autumn rust

Taking The Long Way

Autumn, pumpkins, ghosts and leaves. Everything fall and Halloween!

Forest Portal, Moldova photo via barbara. The light at the end of the path is religious to me.