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A Single Photo From Baton Rouge That You Will Never Forget

♀ I BEE Presidentially Talkin’ 2 My Sacred Sigi Dance Ancestors of Our Native Black American Spirit [BAS = Orisha] Magick… as I Clairvoyantly Invoke My Ancestral Dogon [MAD] Powers of Chaotic Destructive Earthquake Energies [DEE] that Permeate from Inner Earth’s Congo Afrikkan Temple [CAT = SPHINX] Empires of Our Most Destructive… Worldwide… Black Earth Emission [BEE = Unseen Radiation] Energies… 2 Quietly Infect… ALL dem’ Unwanted 3rd Dimensional [3D = Dead] mortals ♀

♀ Never Underestimate tha' GravitationALLEGORICrushing Force from My Very Advanced Metallurgic [Psychic] Olmec Equilibrium of Our Royal Black AncestrALLOYoruba Magick [Supreme Washitaw Physics] :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Heil Prince Satan ♀

GOW Armadillo, James Hawkins on ArtStation at


The Latest in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Planetary destruction and other uses of mathematics in a far-future society; women in geekdom; and shapeshifters who prey on humans in the Mughal Empire, and today.

President Obama’s last days are being deeply shamed by actions of authorities against the Standing Rock Sioux & others fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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We’ve crossed four of the nine boundaries supposedly separating us from planetary destruction

THE COWARDS OF AMERICA: We’ve crossed four of the nine boundaries supposed...