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Here having some drinks — The Green Frog.

Groene kikker - Micro haak miniatuur klein opgezette dieren - Made To Order

I like how the forest frog is so tiny yet when it is emphasized, the green and orange really pops from the black and white background. If the plant was left colored, the frog would most likely be camouflaged.

You can give yourself an instant creativity boost my staring at something green! In fact, a study found that people who gazed at a piece of green fabric for 2 seconds were 20% more creative during brainstorming sessions - compared to people who looked at red, white, blue or gray fabrics. Researchers say it's because looking at shades of green reminds us of nature, which relaxes our mind, and boosts our imagination.

17 Mood-Makeup Picks That Actually Work

Makeup is getting more and more intuitive as technology advances. These products actually change color based on your body heat and skin tone. We're getting major flashbacks to our favorite mood rings.