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Shadows in the right places add mystery and intensity... I'm transfixed by…

Shadows in the right places add mystery and intensity. Black and white portrait art

Matt Roeser has an innate sense of curiosity about everything... | Book Designers

Nice series that's quite recognisable throughout. The black and white picture is quite mysterious in each book and the bright spot colouring on each one adds a nice touch Matt Roeser has an innate sense of curiosity about everything.

Blake lively looks amazing in this jump suit

Blake Lively's Vogue Cover: A Bad Sign? (PHOTOS)

Blake Lively looks amazing in this black jump suit. Deep v-neck.

I am like Pandora's Box; choose a key and wait which story you are in when reading my life

Vintage book & skeleton keys Great vintage display idea for wedding reception on program table or guest book table

The fact that this is in black and white gives it a timeless effect...it could've been taken now or some decades ago. I like that i can see just one eye and the other is covered by her hair, it gives an equal amount of attention to the tussled up hair and her piercing eye. To the point, she looks hot in just a leather jacket and messy hair...making something simple into something edgy.

The 10 Most Successful People With ADHD

Black and white, model, leather jacket, big hair, love the one eye covered.

Donna Karan always designing sexy for women of a certain age. She is so creative in covering places, that may need to be covered, BUT YOU DON'T KNOW IT!

Donna Karan Fashion and Designer Style

x something about misty, foggy photo's. I really like them.......... wonder what that says??

"Like a black mist low creeping, he held on his midnight search, where soonest he might finde the serpent"

Always had to wear one of these in church.  Went to mass, daily, before school.  I had a white one & a black one.  I remember one time I didn't have my veil & Sister Mary Jean bobbi pinned a white kleenex to the top of my head!

Black Lace Spanish Style Veil-- The only way I would ever wear a veil.

Hmmm, she is quite beautiful!-Azaan

Antinomian or really cool burka wear

© by Esteban Cortazar / Creative Direction & Styling Jaime Rubiano / Photography Niko Menu / Model Hanne Gaby Odiele at Ford

sorrow - woman covered entirely in black, holding hand to her face

Light in a Dark Place:    I am enamored by the use of light and dark in this photograph. It is one intriguing way to center one's focus.

Photograph Warm me up. by Sophie Palmier on

Everybody loves a masquerade...

Beautiful colorful pictures and Gifs: Mask Photos-Antifaz fotografias-Animated Gif

black is the new black......

All black - love the cape & hat combo

It's like a doorway in the middle of a Secret Garden... I wanna go in...

let’s take it outside

Door to a secret garden. This door is so fantasy to me. I adore the vegetation crawling over the door, the brick walkway and the old world feel and color of the door. Mysterious and beautiful

Macaria is the daughter of Hades (no mother is mentioned). She seems to have embodied a blessed death; the Suda connects her name to the figure of speech "be gone to blessedness," instead of misery or damnation, which may be euphemistic, in the way that the dead are referred to as "the blessed ones." The phrase was proverbial for those whose courage endangered them.

Inspiring image art, black and white, darkness, hair, wind - Resolution - Find the image to your taste