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Race to a dollar! Love this! ach student needs a bag of coins, a game board and a die. Each takes turns rolling the die and adding that number of pennies to the game board. At each turn they must tell the other how much money they have on their board. They may make trades to move across the board. The winner is the first to make a dollar.

First Grade Wolves: Search results for domino fact families

Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Math. So many great resources and ideas for number sense.

Sarah's First Grade Snippets: Doubles Math Game Would change so that the numbers at the bottom would be the doubles sum.

Students practice addition with cubes using this easy-to-use math freebie!

FREE 93 page Math and Literacy Activities for first grade common core

This idea could be modified to teach commutative property of multiplication - change the + to a x.

Classroom Freebies: First Grade CCSS Math Magic

I cringe when I have to miss CALENDAR TIME. I LOVE calendar time. You know all those math concepts that kiddos just have to memorize? I present them early on in the year and we use songs, chants, rhymes, and movement to practice them EVERY DAY. Pretty soon it's automatic for my kiddos and we all feel SO SMART!!!

Preview for first grade~ place value practice for deeper understanding of 2 digit addition ~ roll it ~ write it ~ build it ~ draw it ~ write it in expanded notation ~ first grade math ~ common core ~