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❥ Illustration by Rolf Armstrong (1889 – 1960) American Illustrator and painter

Quentin Gréban

Coles Phillips - Illustration from "A Young Man's Fancy" (1912) Fadeaway girl

Coles Philips--whoa, this is a beautiful illustration!


Tomoko Suzuki

tomoko suzuki

Tomoko Suzuki

ILLUSTRATION: Tomoko Suzuki(ⅰ)

Mark Bryan

Roberto Innocenti - illust. for A Christmas Carol by Dickens

Ernest Bieler

Portrait du peintre par lui-même von Ernest Bieler (1863-1948, Switzerland)

Portrait d'Ernest Bovet by Ernest Bieler (1863-1948, Switzerland)

For the F.B.B.S.O.J (French Bulldog Bath Society of Japan) - Society Of Illustrators " uncommissioned" gold medal

A Polar Bear's Tale: By the artist Xi Pan

A Polar Bear's Tale: By the artist Xi Pan

XiPan Gallery Painting

XiPan Gallery Painting

Xi Pan

Xi Pan www.tuttartpittur...

The Beginning. Digital artwork by Christian Schloe.

A pale and beautiful girl serves tea to a dog headed man in this surrealist painting by Ray Caesar

♥ The Semaphore, 2007 - Steven Kenny

♥ The Shout, 2009 - Steven Kenny