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Circe y Odiseo by Ramon Pla from http://www.ramonpla.com/2013/03/circe-y-odiseo.html

never_really_know_by_britt315 When in Rome, do as the art style requires. visit g-desi.com follow: https://www.facebook.com/guece.design https://twitter.com/G_DESIxGUECE and http://instagram.com/guece

~ the angel with no eyes ~ #story #inspiration #angel

Circe, The Enchantress. An Edmund Dulac illustration for a poem by Andrew Dumas.

300 Movie Illustration by Ben Herrara

ramon PLA


Ramon Pla: Egipto

Camilo Bejarano

Caraïbes Where I would live if I was a cartoon character

Cat Mage by Catell-Ruz on deviantART

The Toilette - John William Godward (1861 - 1922) - c. 1900

Odysseus and the Cyclops, 6th C. BC ceramic wine jar, British Museum, London.

King Leonidas / 300 movie by Dogyfox

Clare Elsaesser

Cupid permits Zephyr to carry her sisters up for a visit. When they see the splendor in which Psyche lives, they become envious, and undermine her happiness by prodding her to uncover her husband's true identity, since surely as foretold by the oracle she was lying with the vile winged serpent, who would devour her and her child - Cupid and Psyche by Walter Pater, 1977


'Le Pietre Parlanti' (background concept) | Illustrator: Marco Pegoraro

Ramon Pla

"Alice in Wonderland" by Arthur Rackham

Nadia Shireen