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For many clients in the medical aesthetics industry, unwanted hair, acne, and other blemishes could leave them feeling down or self-conscious. They might feel shy about an acne outbreak, or worry that they’ll be teased over unwanted body hair.

Laser hair removal has changed my life. I feel more beautiful and definitely more confident than I've ever felt. I can wear a dress everyday if I wanted to because I don't have to worry if my legs are hairy.

Even for those who think before they ink, life can take them in unexpected directions that turn some tattoos into regrettable mistakes or painful reminders of the past.

More and more people are seeking out laser tattoo removal, relying on laser technicians who know their stuff. Here are 5 facts every laser tech needs to know!

This Scale was originally developed by T. Fitzpatrick to classify how different skin types react to UV light. We now used to help distinguish what products/treatments are appropriate for your skin type! E.g. Fitzpatrick 1 = Don't worry about laser resurfacing but traditional laser hair not going to work. See blog for all E.g.

All skin types are suitable for Laser Hair removal including dark skin, our Nd:YAG Lasers are safe to use on dark skin types.

Differences Between IPL & Laser Hair Removal #infographic. Yes! The machine used matters and it's important to understand what your technician will be using on you.