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Girls Like Me

This really hits me deep... Girls like us are often made to feel like we are somehow less "pure" than girls who have good relationships with their dads. I can't say it doesn't bother me because it does. I feel like I did something wrong

This single girl doesn't play around or play games... You like me? Then pursue me... I want a man not a boy... a man leads and pursues and a boy will only lead you on and expect you to pursue him! Either stand up and be the man a girl needs or sit down, so she can see the man behind you.

Grumpus Organic Baby Bodysuit

I love netball, as it is something very prominent in my life, and I love team spirit and being in a team. I also love the girl power theme of this pin, as I feel like it is very empowering for young girls like me and has a very positive message.

This lovely little buffet has all the ornate details girls like me live for!! I chose Paris Grey, Graphite, and Pure White Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, and opted for a Graphite wash in the detail in leau of dark wax. I love the versatility of this paint!! A nice coat of clear Soft Wax to protect the paint, and she's done!! :)

Doubt any boy would. I mean come on, no guy want to make me smile. . Girls repost and see if any can make you smile

*ME* What about girls u can't forget about girls who like nope LOVe serial Killers!!!!! 1st episode 2nd episode 3rd episode my favorite character dies

pinklikeme: “I ran home and drew this on my lunchbreak because I felt like my world would explode if I didn’t. Thanks, Carrie Fisher, for teaching me that girls like us can be princesses, generals, or whatever we want to be. #RIPCarrie ”