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Designing an Office with GOOD FENG SHUI. The most important internal office decisions are, where to place the principals and strategic staff. We use several factors to decide. Compass location, timing of energy patterns, birthdates and what the person's role is in the company. See more at

How Is the Color White Used in Feng Shui?

How Is the Color White Used in Feng Shui?: In feng shui, white color is the expression of the Metal feng shui element. White color also adds the energy of purity, freshness and new beginnings to any space.

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How To Use The Feng Shui Bagua Map. The Bagua Map is Feng Shui’s way of bringing the power of your Intention to your health, intimate relationships, money matters and more. It helps you bring good Chi energy to all of the important parts of your life.

∆ Feng Shui...for Living Rooms ~ Living rooms are considered more Yin spaces where we want to relax and rejuvenate. They should be calming places with muted colors, more tactile fabrics with soft, comfy furniture. Read more...

How the Feng Shui Elements are Expressed in Shapes

How the Feng Shui Elements are Expressed in Shapes: Generally, when you have difficulty defining the feng shui element of a specific item, the color will be used as the first criteria. Second feng shui element criteria is the shape, with the third being the material from which the decor item is made.

Feng Shui and the benefits of energy


You can easily apply the bagua when you know the feng shui compass reading. You can also easily apply the Western, or BTB bagua. Watch these tow feng shui videos to see how to apply your bagua and be sure to read the tips, too.