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My dog! The best Airedale!

The best Airedale!

Zac Is such a darling Airedale, with his scruffy good looks. So darling

Zac This dog looks like old PiP, the friendliest dog ever. He was the visiting dog of Bayside, an area of old cottages in Northport, Maine

Lo Mejor de Mis Muros (11 – 08 2015)         ~          ConTodoIrrespeto

It's amazing how much Airedales look alike- this could be our Daisy- and she def needs a bear suit

Terrier love @KaufmannsPuppy

✨The, funny, loyal, Loving, once you have had a Airedale in your life they leave a piece of their heart with you and you never forget them they are always with you

Smart and stylish.

Airedale terrier a magnificent and beautiful dog ✨✨✨ always been my top choice of breed.

Throw that ball Mom!

We're going to be play tackle football with our Airedale Terrier, Seth Bullock. Maggie will play running back.

Wire Fox Terrier

If I had a dog. These are the sweetest and coolest in my book!