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Love's Likenes - FIRE4ART

within us all truth is hidden, about our true nature endless knowing never stagnate ever increasing love eternal


from that which we sprang, is that to which we shall return, Eden is our birth place and just our beginning in this realm of physicality, we are given a gift of a physical body through which we can glide through physical dimensions

All One Spirit - FIRE4ART

" as we all are within a limited body and some times in limited mind, when we all know in our heart that we are not the body we walk in we are limitless in heart and mind, and we all in heart already know it .

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Him In You - FIRE4ART

we are the pure conscience of God in skin, and we lose track of whom we really are

In His Likeness - FIRE4ART

we all are one facet, of the whole, only a reflection of the one consciousnesses that is the whole of the one awareness which we are manifestation of in this realm.

Heaven - FIRE4ART

In Him is the fullness of The God-Head bodily. He is and shall alway be The Great I A M in you!

What Is Man - FIRE4ART

What is man that Thou art mindful of him or The Son of man that Thou visits Him, For We see not yet all things put under man's feet but we see Jesus' For a little while and see not these thing but yet a while shall these things be

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Beyond Your Eyes - FIRE4ART

just on the other side of your eyes are the seat of the Heart, The very Throne of God in Man. Within all who are on this side off this cross .

within the fabric of our being is expressed a manifestation of a spiritual event within the heart of man. it is that vision that we all have in our heart, the creative force given by God The Father of all lights which we all are .

The Cherub In The Midst - FIRE4ART