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Taking a page from Facebook’s new Timeline layout, Reddit has decided to make it easier for users to find old entries. Very old entries. Like, from the beginning of time. They’ve also seen fit, perhaps borrowing from Sir Richard’s time travel device, to provide news from tomorrow. And the next day. And all the days extending until the heat death of the universe.\

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One More Thing: The Pirate Bay gets Google whacked

One More Thing: The Pirate Bay gets Google whacked | But where will all the pirates dock their ships now? Buying advice from the leading technology site

GOOGLE CHROME IS NOW WORKING IN 3D [April Fool Joke 2010] It is official. Starting from today, Google Chrome is a 3d enabled browser. On the Google 3DChrome web site, you can download the new 3D browser and even the 3D red and cyan glass that you can print with a standard inkjet printer (instructions provided!).  Follow the link after the jump for the Chrome 3D download.

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At What Age Should Kids Be Exposed to Technology? [You Told Us]

New and emerging technology has always been associated with the younger generations. Older people tend to be set in their ways, leaving those under a certain age to discover gadgets and gizmos as they arrive on the scene. Younger people learn more quickly, and that goes for technology in the same way it goes for everything else. However, how young is too young for kids to be exposed to technology?

YouTube is a pretty excellent tool which comes with one of the most active (and annoying) communities on the web. It has provided roughly everyone in the world with hours’ worth of procrastination and it’s the first stop almost all of us make when we’re looking for video content.