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ThinkGeek :: Star Wars Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass - some day this will be a reality, and will be a Christmas gift for dad.... hopefully

Album on piano roll: “Wilco pride themselves on authenticity and a respect of the American musical tradition, so what better way to honor that heritage than to listen to The Whole Love on a barely functioning piano in a dusty antique store,” writes Chief Wilco Strategist Lucy Lillabee. “Besides, these things cost like $1 to make, and hipsters are going to eat this shit up.”

Careful followers of @notch, the Twitter account of Minecraft creator Markus Peerson, have probably noticed he’s been working on some kind of secret Sci-Fi game. Yesterday, Notch “revealed” it to be a new project called Mars Effect. Hopefully he won’t run into the same naming issues like he did with Scrolls, right?

Text-based ads may be the cornerstone of Google’s business, but how outdated are ads in this modern age? So outdated. That’s why the Google AdWords team is introducing a new teleportation ability, so you can zap yourself right over to wherever the ads may point you. What could possibly go wrong?

Sir Richard Branson already plans to take humans into space and to the bottom of the ocean, but that is simply not enough for him. His new travel plans include the center of the Earth and the endless expanse of history with Virgin Volcanic and Virgin Time Travel. The volcanic scheme will take Branson, Tom Hanks,, Seth Green, and others to the very heart of the world. Meanwhile, Sir Richard just got back from a trip to 1972 so he could pick up a copy of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular…

By 2030, Google Analytics figures that we’ll be hopping around space as easily as we go to the corner store. In preperation for that glorious day, the company is planning to unfurl an interplanetary view to let you know from which moon of Saturn most of your website is originating. Combine this with Google’s AdWords teleportation and we might really be on to something!

Taking a page from Facebook’s new Timeline layout, Reddit has decided to make it easier for users to find old entries. Very old entries. Like, from the beginning of time. They’ve also seen fit, perhaps borrowing from Sir Richard’s time travel device, to provide news from tomorrow. And the next day. And all the days extending until the heat death of the universe.\