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My crush always calls me 'sis' and says I'm like a sister to him. Forget friend-zoned. I've been family-zoned

It's like JYP and BigHit trying to outnumber their "how many times can I dress my pupils in Despicable outfits" competition

I really enjoy that men get super pissed about this without realizing it was done purposefully to illuminate the brazen sexism, inequality, and downright disgusting nature that EVERY OTHER MOVIE EVER does to women by reversing everything. It's not saying "fuck you" to men to be an asshole, it's saying "Does this bother you? It should. Now stop doing it to us."

This person needs to chill the fuck out... I love them a lot but the phans need to stop treating every photo like it is their newborn child.

Temple of Mutfrom Temple of Mut

Is it Possible to Enjoy SCHADENFREUDE Too Much???

lol poor puppy. My cat tries to do this to my dog sometimes and my dog looks up at me like,"are you really going to just stand there and let her bite me" LOL of course I dont I make her stop, but the expression is priceless.

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

Stop it, I don't like it social story

Stop it, I dont like it poster & social story book


Trying clothes with parents…

funny-dog-dress-clothes-pink Me: I’m not going to come out of the dressing room, I don’t think it fits. Mom: Come out anyway right now. (I come out.) Mom: OMG. Your boobs are popping out, it’s waaaay too tight, and your neck looks like a giraffe. I can’t believe you came out like that. We’re going to talk to your father when we get home young lady.

I can be a brat. LOL!!!! nope!!!! take that nonsense elsewhere and come talk to me when you're at my level. LMAO!!!!

Okay guys, the first time I saw this, I wondered why Sam chose to fly down and apologize to Tony. Then I remembered what he said to Steve in Winter Soldier about watching his best friend Riley get shot out the sky. "There was nothing I could do. It's like I was up there just to watch." He knew exactly how Tony felt.

Stop roasting adults and kids from 90's playing Pokémon Go when you are the one who uses Snapchat to turn yourself into a dog.

I've had this happen so many times :( Loyalty in friends is so hard to come by, but at least it helps you weed out the bad ones. The few friends I do have I'd trust with my life and that's worth the pain of finding out someone you thought was your friend never was.

I just want to smile again. I want to laugh again... like I used to. I know I was happy once... I just want to be happy again.

-and they dont even have a dalmation here, gus. -could you stop it with the dalmations already? -im just saying. it would be nice to see one in it's natural habitat. -they're not indiginous to firehouses, gus.