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Funny Thinking of You Ecard: I am sorry my awesome sense of humor offends you. And by sorry what I really mean is fuck you. Ah I want to say this to 2 people so badly...

1300s: I'm dying of the Black Plague 1800s: I'm 9 and I work in a factory 1900s: I'm off to fight in a war 2000s: I'M OFFENDED

If someone offends you by something they said, and totally ignore actual-factual-documented criminal deeds, then you have got moral-priority issues !!!

No but imagine James walking in later that night and being disgusted because not only did they leave him in the woods but 'you thought that thing was me?! I'm much more majestic as that.' And James is forever offended that they can't recognise him.

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When you accidentally touch your soul

Lol or your moms!!

Omg all my friends are obsessed with this game Yesterday my friend came over and all she did was walk around my neighborhood looking for Pokemon! I honestly dislike Pokemon to he point where I hate it. My friends have been corrupted.

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32 Funny Pictures for Today

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 38 Pics. I almost peed in my pants looking at this