it could be a bit more sonic...

The story of how the 11th Doctor ended up with a bow tie. THEY'RE COOL, I TELL YOU.

Doctor Who 30 Day Challenge Day 28: Favorite Doctor gadget: The Sonic Screwdriver


Do I even look like people?


The Doctors are in. My loves!

Which Doctor Are You

A fez dispenser

Why are there so many beautiful shirts out there, and not enough money to buy them, as well as not enough space in my closet?

Tardis poem

Oh Doctor

this is one of the best descriptions ever

Damn it, I'm getting old.

"Doctor Who" an adventure story about a time lord who stole a time machine and ran away and had many adventures with lots of good friends.

The Doctors!

Doctor Who jewelry

<3 <3 :)

The Doctor

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Doctor Who