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    Neat interpretation

    • Nakarid

      Denis Medri returns to take a look at the rogues of Gotham and more of Batman’s supporting. Catwoman, Joker, Poison Ivy and Bane join Batgirl, James Gordon and Alfred in round out this amazing collection of Rockabilly gothamites. It’s interesting to note that reimagining Catwoman for the 1950s brings her costume full circle, close to her original suit from the 1940s.

    • Bill Beechler

      Denis Medri Gives Batman and Friends a Rockabilly Makeover [Art] - ComicsAlliance | Comic book culture, news, humor, commentary, and reviews

    • Lisa Irvine

      Denis Medri Rockabilly Catwoman... she is one of my favorite comic book characters! One year i will be Catwoman.

    • Corinne Roberts

      Rockabilly Catwoman concept Denis Medri

    • Crystal Cottrill

      Denis Medri Gives Batman and Friends a Rockabilly Makeover [Art] - ComicsAlliance | Catwoman is a totally perfect pin-up

    • Gina (Montenegro) Vargas

      Dennis Medry - Fantasy Avengers, Steampunk Spiderman & Rockabilly Batman Awesome. Insane. Perfect. We already encountered some medieval Avengers, but even though Denis Medry kicks ass. We already encountered Steampunk inspired superheroes redesign, but Dennis Medry’s ones kick ass. But what about the whole Batman characters redesigned… Rockabilly style ? Rockabilly guys ! Something that has never been done before to my knowledge, so kudos for you Dennis, let’s hop

    • PsPrint

      Rockabilly Catwoman by Denis Medri. Check out the Batmobile, too

    • Angela

      Cat Woman w/ strong bdsm look. So doing this one day

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