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      DIY: How To Make Appliques For Your Furniture Molds are made of play dough - recipe included as well. Texasdaisey Creations: How To Make Appliques For Furniture 2

    • Missy

      How To Make Appliques For Furniture with Durham's Water Putty.... *** Play dough Putty:: 1 c. water      ...                                  1 T oil.. 1 c. flour       ..                                  2 t cream of tartar.. 1/2 c. salt     ...                                  1 t alum.. food color.. **Mix dry ingredients.  Add liquids all at once and cook 3 minutes in a pan on medium heat... **Be sure to stir mix it well and do not let it cook longer than 3 minutes... **Dump it out on a cool surface and knead the dough until it is smooth.... ***Add several drops of food color.  It takes quite a bit.... Fold the dough in half over itself. ... Fold it in half again... ===Put the dough into a zipper bag(this keeps your hands clean) and knead until the color is thoroughly mixed into the dough.  You can then store your dough in the same bag. .... Press the piece you desire to clone down into the playdough until it is even with the top of the playdough.  ***°°Pull the piece out carefully so you do not mess up your impression..... =====Instructions on the Water Putty can says to mix 1 part water to 3 parts powder.  You will need just a bit more water. ** The instructions say to make it the consistency of dough but for our project you will need it to be a bit thinner so you can pour it.  Don't add more water than you absolutely need for it to pour into your mold.  ... ***I like to mix it into something that I can just throw away after I am finished with the project such as plastic cups... ===Mix it very well.  You don't want to have any clumps or bubbles.  Add any needed extra water very slowly so you don't get it too thin.  You want it similar to pancake batter... ===Pour the water putty mixture into the mold. *** Do not over fill it.  You only want to fill it up to the edge of the molded area.  You do not want the putty mixture to go past the molded image areas.  It should look almost like it did when you were pressing the original into the playdough.  ... ***You will need to leave the putty mixture to dry.  It will take a little more time than the can says if you added more water.   If you are making something that will need screw holes like the light switch then be sure to make your holes with the size of screws you will be using at some point before the mixture gets completely hard... ** Poke your holes and then remove the screws when the mixture will not run.   Be sure the piece is completely dry before you try to take it out of the mold or you will have a mess.  The playdough will absorb some of the water so you may have to wipe away some of the playdough from your hardened mixture.  You may also need to sand off the rough areas. Sometimes I have had my play dough be ruined by the excess water that is absorbed but it is easy to make more if needed.... ~~See how great my light switch cover turned out?  A little sanding around the switch holes and on the back and it was all set to go.   ** Your finished piece can be painted if desired.  You can also mix dry colors into the putty while it is wet if you like.

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