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Laughed so hard lmaooo

Happy Anniversary! I will always love the one I married no matter what. I spoke a vow and also made a promise so I will be around for a long time...poor Alan!! For the rest of you, enjoy the laugh - a tad on the r rated side- but funny nonetheless!!!

Pardon the language, but I laughed so hard and my grandma starting laughing too, even though she didn't know what the funny thing was.


Thank you Dwight...

LOL! I love Dwight! So true! Grass is greener where there is good soil so instead of complaining, fix your own side of the fence first.


My bad…

A album of funny screen captions of wrong number text messages. This is worth a look and a laugh, so check it out!

Mom's worst nightmare lmao-laughing so hard I couldn't hit repin!!! hahahaha (totally me right there!!)